Summer Kind of Wonderful

The past month has been a throwback of the summers I used to have in elementary school. (Which was over 15 years ago – eep.) I’ve got scrapes on my knees, bug bites all over and this is currently the view from my “office”, by which I mean a lovely patch of grass. Give me a couple of popsicles and I’ll have reverted to 4th grade summer vacation status entirely.

The view from my "office."

The view from my “office.”


Aside from my “office”, I’ve been taking full advantage of everything Indiana summers have to offer: picking my own produce, visiting the local farmers markets, squeezing in as many cookouts as possible, watching the fireflies come out at dusk. Here are a few snapshots of summer fun on the farm. Maybe I can get used to this whole country thing after all…


Picking raspberries at a local berry farm. The ones I didn't eat on the way home made it into a raspberry pie.

Picking raspberries at Berry Best, a local farm and orchard.


You know you’re in Indiana when a drive to Louisville, KY (aka “the city”) turns into an impromptu pick your own raspberries adventure. The ones I didn’t eat on the way home made it into a raspberry pie.


Grill Master Kamden

Grill Master Kamden


Another summer highlight has been turning up the heat on the grill. There have been several yummy cookouts but it’s hard to beat the delicious chicken and corn that D’s good friend Kamden made for us.

And of course it wouldn’t be the dog days of summer without a dog. Indy has been having adventures galore. We encountered this new friend crossing the road during one of our bike rides.

Going somewhere?

Going somewhere?


Enjoy the remaining dog days of summer!

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